Meckenburg County’s Compost is certified organic through the Organic Materials Review Institute!

Mulch & Compost For Sale
at All County Full Service Recycling Centers

In Mecklenburg County, we process leaves, brush, grass, (aka yard waste) to create high-quality mulch and compost products. You can use our mulch and compost for your plant beds, flower gardens and lawns and it will reward you with beautiful results.

Huge Savings Compared to Retail Garden Stores


Brushwood & Hardwood Mulch

Single & Double Hammered
Various Different Shades
Come Choose The Right One!


Both loose bulk & bagged compost available


Compost Central & Recycling Center or Foxhole Landfill & Recycling Center Only.
Mecklenburg County only accepts Credit Card sales of Master Card, Visa and Discover. Our fee collection booths do not accept cash.

Bagged Compost

$3.25 per bag.
+ Tax per bag
1.25 cubic ft. BAGS of COMPOST

Loose Compost

Starts at $20/cubic yard
A cubic yard of Compost is approximately twenty 40lb bags.

-Compost (1-29 cubic yards) – $18.65/yd3

-Compost (30-99 cubic yards) – $18.00/yd3

-Compost (100-499 cubic yards) – $16.50/yd3
All orders over 5 cubic yards must be picked up from the Compost Central location at 140 Valleydale Rd.

Bagged Mulch

Bagged Compost is only available at the Foxhole Recycling Center and Compost Central Recycling Center.

$2.25 per bag.
+ Tax per bag
1.25 cubic ft. BAGS of MULCH

Bulk Mulch Through April 30, 2022 Brush Mulch is free! Hardwood and Select Mulch $15/yd3

Starts at $10/cubic yard
A cubic yard of Mulch is approximately ten 40lb bags

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Email Us at:
Use our recorded Infoline at: 980-314-3867 (DUMP)
At this time Mecklenburg County is not offering delivery services. We are seeking partnerships with interested delivery companies to deliver mulch and compost. Please contact us at if you are interested in being a delivery firm for us.