Meckenburg County’s Compost is certified organic through the Organic Materials Review Institute!

Mecklenburg County makes compost and mulch products from local yard debris materials, like grass, leaves and tree materials. All products are made locally in Mecklenburg County.

We take great pride in producing top quality products. Our processes are certified by several oversight groups such as STA and OMRI and receive their certifications. Our compost is further Trade Marked ™ as Queen City Compost ™, to separate our quality product from others.

We routinely analyze our compost for integrity, and below you will find the analysis results of our Queen City Compost™.
Use our recorded Infoline at: 980-314-3867 (DUMP)
We are seeking additional partnerships with interested delivery companies to deliver mulch and compost.
Please contact us at if you are interested in being a delivery firm for us.